Krisandra and Joe, where do I begin? The love that you two have for each other is amazing and so remarkable. Capturing your wedding day was the best and I am so blessed to have been there to celebrate with you.

Krisandra and I met through a mutual friend back in 2012, but we didn't actually meet in person until their wedding 4 years later. Since that first day of our lifelong friendship, I just knew that Krisandra was going to hold a special place in my heart. The non-stop texting, phone dates, skype calls, and figuring out when we could finally meet each other in person made our friendship even better. I couldn't wait until the day that I could finally meet Krisandra after all these years of feeling like we've been friends since elementary school. When Krisandra told me that her and Joe were engaged, I was so excited to be a part of their wedding day either as a guest or photographer. When she called me and asked if I would love to be their photographer, I immediately said YES! Krisandra and Joe were both so ecstatic that we all could hardly contain our excitement till the day when we would FINALLY meet! Come August, I couldn't WAIT to get out to Chicago. Joe and I drove out for the week to celebrate Krisandra and Joe's wedding, but we were also able to spend time with family as well.

I couldn't contain my excitement any longer as we were driving to their house to finally meet!! I barely put the car in park before jumping out to run up to their house, that's how excited I was to finally meet this amazing lady and friend after knowing her for the last 4 years.

It was so wonderful to spend time with Krisandra and Joe before their wedding day to soak up all the excitement and to take a few engagement photos for them.

When their wedding day arrived, I felt so lucky and blessed to be out in Chicago doing what I love and capturing their wedding! It was such a beautiful day and my amazing second shooter Amanda made it even better! I'm so thankful to have such a great friend who wanted to travel to Chicago and help with their wedding. I truly was lucky to have been surrounded by my amazing friends helping tell their story.

At the end of the day I had to sit back and reflect on how amazing your wedding went and how lucky I was to be there to capture it all for you.