Where to begin? I've known Anna since she was 1 years old, crazy uh?! Her family moved to Iowa from Colorado when I was in the 5th grade, and her oldest sister Tricia and I instantly became best friends! Anna is like my little sister and the best muse I could have. She is always up for all my crazy photo ideas and inspiration and I can always ask her to be ready in an hour to go scope out a new location with me or be my model. :) Anna really is one of the greatest people I could have in my life and if you know her, you would say the same!

Anna was approaching her senior year of High School and I wanted to go somewhere amazing and gorgeous (many places here in CO for that) for her senior photos! I told Anna and her mom about the idea of going to the Sand Dunes for her photos and they were both on board! I started getting inspiration and coming up with ideas on how to make this amazing for Anna. We drove down on a Friday night after work to Salida and got to our hotel room late, but knowing what that Saturday was going to bring I didn't care what time we arrived! :) Saturday morning came and Anna started getting ready with hair and makeup, while I started picking out her outfits to wear.

Once Anna was done getting ready we were on our way to the Sand Dunes!!!!!!! Now by this time I was like a kid on Christmas morning I could hardly wait to get there! When we pulled up, I just KNEW that this was going to be worth the trip and the photos were going to be GORGEOUS!

I mean, just look at this! You can't beat the beautiful Rocky Mountains, Sand Dunes, and a gorgeous senior!

This was at high noon and it was so worth the sunburn and the long walk up the dunes.

When Anna told me she was going to be bringing her prom dress along, my heart melted because it was going to photograph so well against the dunes and it was going to be magical! Once she put on her dress on top of the dunes mind you, I literally screamed with excitement! I didn't want to stop taking photos, that's how stunning Anna looked. Keep scrolling to see more of this gorgeous dress!!!

I mean...….. <3 <3 <3

Who wants to go to Great Sand Dunes National Park for YOUR session?! Contact me to chat about details! :)