"I had symptoms of Endometriosis and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome at the age of 15 when I first got my period. I was told that the excruciating pain, migraines, vomiting and diarrhea was normal and that there was absolutely nothing wrong with me and that it was all in my head. When I moved to Loveland I finally found a doctor who would listen to me. By now my pain was not just during my cycle but chronic, daily excruciating pain and fatigue. Dr. Carlton did a laparoscopic surgery in 2007, but didn't however feel comfortable with removing anything. He said that I had so many lesions everywhere as well as my bladder and ureter. He didn't want to make the mistake of destroying my ureter because then I would have to find a specialist to attach my bladder to my kidneys..."

"So I was at least aware now of the enemy I battled. I researched everything about endometriosis to become a better advocate for myself. I had realized by now that not all doctors are created equal. I tried many different birth control pills, doubling doses, herbs, fish oil, changing my diet, exercise, to no avail. I also tried Cymbalta which helped to keep the daily pain at a more manageable level. Finally in 2013 I found a specialist in Ft. Collins willing to do a laparoscopic surgery and he removed all of my lesions, even the ones on my bladder and ureter!"

"I immediately noticed a difference and felt better after surgery, I was in pain from surgery but it was a different type of pain! I was so excited I wanted to do cartwheels of joy! :) Fortunately I am not in daily pain anymore, only during my cycle again. I have also since been diagnosed with PCOS in 2014. I still need to take pain pills during my period so that I can make it through and function"

"Endometriosis has been hard on me but has also introduced me to 176 million sisters! Support groups were my lifeline and it was nice to have someone who completely understood how bad it is. I learned how to listen to my body better, become a great advocate for my health, research different treatments and refuse the ones I don't want, be more patient and loving myself, as well as others battling chronic pain/illnesses. As well as educating others through awareness, I wish to tell everyone affected that "they are not at all alone and you are not crazy. It is NOT all in your head!"

In Sierres' meantime she loves to spend time painting.

Thank you Sierre for letting me capture these photos for you and so we can raise awareness about Endometriosis.